Name Ronen Dov Agranat
Date of birth 2 February 1987
Visa Dutch highly-skilled visa
Nationality South African
Languages English, Dutch (intermediate)
Driver’s license Yes

People management · Team leadership · Project management · Full stack · Solution architecture · Cloud computing · Agile software development · Extreme programming · Service-orientated architecture (SOA) · Devops · Microservices · Mentoring · Coaching · Facilitation

Work experience Full stack software developer and team lead

Nov 2016 - Current

  • Owned, developed & maintained primary customer support tooling, as used by agents to help customers with 1.5 million room nights booked daily
  • Overhauled tooling to support arbitrary new product types, with 3 new product integrations

Jumo: Software developer

Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

  • Developing, maintaining and operating core loans system, including disbursal and collection, lifecycle progression, accounting, messaging and internal tooling, with a customer base of more than 5 million people and monthly turnover of more than 10 million USD
  • Desiged, implemented and integrated subsystems for: calculating loan terms and offers, managing fraud, handling know-your-customer data

Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud: Software development engineer

May 2011 - Sep 2015

  • Owned, developed and maintained primary tools for operating Amazon’s EC2 datacentres in more than 15 regions globally, including 2 high security regions for American government; built tools out in Frankfurt.
  • Built and maintained historical database fleet for Amazon EC2 comprising more than 600 database hosts
  • Co-authored 6 patents and patents-pending
  • Designed and implemented automated testing solution for the EC2 and VPC public user interfaces comprising more than 120 test cases running hourly against production
  • Involved in more than 80 interview loops


Code Title
US20140188815A1 Annotation of Resources in a Distributed Execution Environment (pending)
US9178867B1 Interacting with restricted environments
US9647896B1 Rule-based actions for resources in a distributed execution environment
US9313208B1 Managing restricted access resources
US9473799B1 Resource data query processing
US9455879B1 Validating changes to attributes for computing resources


University of Cape Town: Bachelors of Science in Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Honours)

Jan 2007 - Dec 2010

  • Thesis: VHDL MIDI / audio device
  • 3 years on Dean’s Merit List; Engineering & Built Environment faculty scholarship
  • Winner South African Google Gadget competition for university
  • Computer science certificate of merit; tutor for C++ and grant project team lead
  • Class medal for African Studies

Abbotts College Milnerton: Matriculation (Endorsement/Distinction)

Jan 2006 - Dec 2006

  • Dux medal: first in college; subject prizes for: Computer science, Science and English
  • Student representative council member


Python · Ruby · Rails · Java · MySQL · Perl · JavaScript · C · C++ · Selenium · AWS · DynamoDB · HTML · CSS · VHDL · Matlab · Protobuf · jQuery · Linux · Qt · Swing · STL · Git · GitHub · GitLab · Cassandra · ECMAScript · REST · HTTP · TCP/IP · DNS · Spring · Hive · Hadoop · Jupyter · PHP · bash · zsh · Raspi · arduino

Hobbies and interests

Music (bass guitar & jazz) · Fitness (weightlifting & running) · Finance (real estate & shares)